ESTD. 1925


Bengal Library Association Koha Activities

Bengal Library Association has been engaged in customization of Koha for the benefit of libraries in the state keeping in mind the local library situation and local users’ needs. Considering the past history of the Association as well as the history of library movement in India, at the beginning of our Customized version a special page has been developed in memory of our first President poet Rabindranath Tagore and the father of library science in India Dr. S.R. Ranganathan. The tasks of Bengal Library Association for customization of Koha are as follows:

A. Koha Customization & other Associated services :
  1. Installation of a group of Associated Software required for smooth running of Koha
  2. Customization of different modules Koha such as Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Members, Reports, etc.
  3. Structuring of Database framework according to the need of the library
  4. Setting up AACR2R format as well as Customization of display and print format
  5. OPAC configuration
  6. Setting Indic scripts (e.g. Bengali, Hindi, etc.)
  7. Setting up parameters for Bar-code and Spine label
  8. LAN configuration
  9. Installation of software for maintaining back-up
  10. Koha Documentation
B. Other Services :
  1. Installation of operating system (Windows or Ubuntu), if needed
  2. Data migration / conversion from CDS / ISIS, WINISIS or any other ISO 2709 compatible software
C. Training of Library personnel :
  1. Five day training of 1 person on Koha software operation at Bengal Library Association computer lab. by different experts in this field
D. Support Services :
  1. The Association will provide after sell service for twelve (12) months from the date of Installation of Koha software
  2. System maintenance within this period
  3. Trouble shooting for operational problem within this period
  4. Unlimited offsite support services through e-mail and telephone within this period
  5. Up to Two onsite visits by the member(s) of BLA Koha Team as per requirement within this period
  6. In-house R & D efforts (at BLA Computer Lab.) for further development and updates of the software from the feedback of Koha users as and when required within this period

List of Koha Paid Support Providers